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bi·o·phile (n) One who feels a strong attraction for, or emotional attachment to, the living world




Biophile is a mission-driven biosciences intellectual property strategy, commercialisation, and management business 

Our clients reflect our values: adventurous, original innovators that want to change the world with their life-enhancing technologies. All while having fun and enjoying the journey!

Our mission is to help as many biosciences products as possible get to market. We work with two types of clients: cutting edge research organisations and young, audacious bioscience leaders that want to expand their impact on a global scale. We provide "on-demand" technology transfer and IP management services. This is backed up by deep experience in aligning efforts within and outside of client organisations by creating IP policies and strategies that reflect the complexities of the world they inhabit. 

We are proud of the fact that we were the first IP-centric strategy company in the world focused only on biosciences. We rely heavily on devising cutting edge, IP strategies to give our clients an invisible edge and then back this up with world-class advice. We have streamlined our client-facing and back-office systems to facilitate our interactions with our clients, locally and overseas and would be happy to speak to you about growth strategies for your IP and business.

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