Bi·o·phile (n) One who feels a strong attraction for, or emotional attachment to, the living world


Carel Smit is the founder and managing director of Biophile. A Cambridge-educated life sciences patent attorney and medtech entrepreneur with masters degrees in genetics, law, and management, he has more than 20 years of experience in bioscience IP, innovation, and commercialisation in Australia and abroad.

As a former S&P Global 100 in-house IP counsel, he understands the pressures on innovators and IP counsel, mixed with the interplay of commercial objectives. Having also co-founded an award-winning medical devices company that has helped patients in more than 15 countries, he also appreciates the pressures on founders.

Carel has served clients in numerous countries and for local clients Carel's knowledge and training in biotechnology, digital health, cell and gene therapy, virology, and biochemistry mean that he is comfortable with many different types of life sciences technologies, either when consulting, assisting with capital raising, or advising on IP monetisation strategies.

A lover of nature and life sciences, he created Biophile to be Australia's first dedicated life sciences IP and consulting practice. His IP and monetisation strategies have been featured in Forbes, the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and also by the Australian Patent Office.


Biophile is a carbon-conscious IP and consulting firm serving bioscience and digital health IP creators that require expansion in Australia and New Zealand. We are the first IP-centric company in Australia focused only on life sciences. We rely heavily on IP analytics to give our clients an invisible edge and then back this up with world-class consulting and commercialisation advice. 


For our IP practice, we focus primarily on small to medium-sized biotech and life sciences companies that want to obtain effective protection in Australia and beyond. For our strategy consulting practice, we focus primarily on Australian life sciences and digital health clients that wish to identify, protect and commercialise their proprietary IP. We have streamlined our client-facing and back-office systems to facilitate our interactions with our clients, locally and overseas and would be happy to speak to you about growth strategies for your IP.


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